Competition 05: Joke Competition


Held September 2013. Forum members submitted jokes via the forum. Many jokes that did not win official prizes still made it into the rotation of jokes that androids tell.

Forum post: Deepworld Joke Competition.

Despite what the forum post says, winners never did actually receive buddy bots as part of their prizes.


Grand Prize: 500 crowns and the coveted Brass Throne Besties and Popular Choices: 250 crowns Runners-Up: 100 crowns


Grand Prize

  • Sirentist - What do you get when you divide the circumference of one terrapus by the diameter of another? Terra-pi.


  • Most Esoteric: stingerbee5000 - Where did the ship-in-a-bottle dock? At a daven-port.
  • Best Fact: Zapfury - Deepworld. Where people are just mining their own business.
  • Best Gashlycrumb: KaitB - W is for Walter who woke up in hell. X is for Xavier who ate a morel.
  • Best Remix: Xaoaven - How do you kill a brain? I don't know but these jokes are killing mine.
  • Second Best Remix: boas1 - Why did the android trade for an android memory unit? He lost his mind.
  • Best Street Crossing: Gabster - Why did the terrapus help the mushroom across the street? Because he was an elder mushroom.
  • Brainiest: KylerCA - Why can't brains fly through trap doors? Because they don't think outside the dungeon.
  • Second Brainiest: toadlover - What is a brain's favorite drink? Earl Grey Matter Tea.
  • Most Science-y: stingerbee5000 - What do you call an old Deepworlder with lots of resin? Amber.
  • Best Meta: Bulk - Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Wait, that is me. Please wait while I change my coolant.
  • Best Zinger: Sirentist - Why do some items appear as question marks in inventory? Because every once in a while, Quinn draws a blank.


  • DaMorlock - What do you call a brain with dyslexia? Brian.
  • MeCrownKing - What happens if you disagree with the devs? They remove the disagree button.