Competition 13: Hattery Flattery


A forum-based competition where entrants designed and submitted original ideas for hats and facewear. Held late June 2016.

Forum threads:


Winners received crowns and inclusion of their items into the game. As with all official competitions, the Grand Prize winner also received a Brass Throne.

Please note that many of the following links to winner names don't work, either because the name contains special characters, or because the person's forum name is different from in-game name, or because the person has used a name change between the time of the competition and the time that you're reading this page.

Grand Prize Winner

"Dino Skull" by @RFM_Magic

Large Animal Hats

Small Animal Hats

Classic Accessories

Classic Hats

Cute Hats

Fantasy Headgear

Functional Hats

Goofy Headgear

Historical Hats

Intimidating Headgear

Mechanical Headgear

Outlandish Headgear

Dev's Choice Headgear


Developers narrowed down submissions in first phase of judging, then opened the judging to player voting in July 2016. Players had to be at least level 10 to vote, and all winners were announced by July 20. You can view all the contenders on the (now closed) voting page.