A composter is a type of world machine found in temperate biomes that allows you to create compost. Like a purifier, a composter requires you to discover its separate parts in large green ecological crates and then activate the machine. Each composter has of 6 parts. Five of these parts are in eco crates; the 6th part is the completed composter itself. You "find" the 6th part by simply clicking/tapping the composter after all 5 of the other parts have been found.

Every temperate world contains either a composter or a recycler -- never both. Whether a world will generate with one or the other is random.

How to Use

To use a composter, you first need earth and giblets. Each time you click on the composter, it will deposit one block of compost into your inventory and take away 1 earth and 3 giblets.

Note that as of this writing (January 2016), it's impossible to craft more than one block of compost at a time. So if you plan on trying to grow greenery across the surface of an entire world, be prepared to spend some quality time clicking away at a composter!


Composters were introduced July 2012 as part of the "Mega Summer Update #1."