Basic Info

The Conch adds 3 points to your stamina skill when equipped in your Accessories bar. You can find it in the Accessories section of your inventory when it is not equipped. Like all Accessories, this item is not stackable with other Stamina accessories. You may only use one Stamina accessory at a time.

Note that this accessory does NOT add additional accessory slots, just additional hearts.

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How to Obtain

This item is only obtainable through trading in a market world or by purchasing it for crowns in the crowns store, where it currently costs 225 crowns (January 2016).

How to Use

Drag the conch to an active slot in your Accessories bar to equip it.


The conch used to drop as loot, but was taken out of the rotation. Then for a while you could only purchase it as part of the Survival Pack. Then for a while you could not purchase it at all. Eventually the conch was put up for sale as an individual item.