Constable Whistle


The constable whistle was intended to be a purchasable accessory that would empower world owners with the ability to permanently ban unwelcome players from their private worlds.

How to Obtain

This item can no longer be obtained. It is no longer offered in the shop and it is not tradable.

How to Use

This item has no use whatsoever. The few people who bought the constable whistle can't even wave it around for bragging rights, as it is unable to be placed or traded.


The constable whistle was one of the most short-lived items ever released, lasting fewer than two days in July 2015 as part of the 1.29.12 server release. At 5000 crowns, it was the costliest item ever offered for sale. Within two days, however, it was pulled from the in-game store and the ability to perma-ban was instead added as an automatic right of world ownership.

Those who purchased the constable whistle received crown refunds, but were able to keep the item itself in inventory.