Construction items are crafted items or blocks used in building or in crafting other items. Many solid construction blocks have complementary backdrops. Construction blocks appear in player inventory in the Construction tab. Each item is the size of a single block, and many adjust to merge with like blocks when placed contiguously.

How to Obtain

All construction items and blocks are craftable. In addition, many can be mined from naturally-generated structures like surface buildings, raided dungeons, and underground bunkers. Note that mining a decayed construction block will usually drop some of its constituent resources or various forms of rubble and scrap into your inventory rather than the construction block itself. Construction blocks such as wood and glass often drop as loot from containers like sacks, barrels, and crates.


Construction blocks are the mainstay of building in Deepworld, and some construction blocks are themselves used in crafting other blocks and items.

List of Construction Items

As of November 2013, the following items appear in the Construction tab of player inventory. The order shown below is the order they are listed in the inventory.


In early versions of world generation, piles of wood and stone could often be found in small underground caves. The height of the pile would indicate the amount of items the player would receive upon mining the pile.