Construction Claw


The Construction Claw is an accessory that doubles placing and construction reach. When not equipped, you can find this item in the Accessories section of inventory, where it looks like a weird cross between a sword, a miniature crane arm, and that thing you play with at carnivals to try and get the little stuffed animal and when -- or if -- you finally manage to grab something it's the stupid thing and not the thing you actually wanted.

The higher your building skill, the farther you can place things with this claw. With max building skill level and the construction claw, you can place items up to 20 blocks away.

Note that the distance you can place bombs and mines is NOT enhanced by this accessory.

In addition, items that allow you to adjust settings (for example chairs, signs, exploders, etc.) will not allow you to change those settings upon placement unless you're close enough to the item. With max building skill level, you must place the item within 11 blocks in order to customize settings. Placing an item farther than 11 blocks away will result in the item using its default settings, no matter what settings you input.

How to Obtain

The only way to obtain the construction claw is to buy it from the in-game shop; it cannot be given or traded.

How to Use

To equip this item, drag it into an active slot in your accessory bar.


This construction claw was part of the v1.12.0 release (September 2013).

When first conceived, the construction claw was intended to extend the reach of all placed items, including bombs and mines, but upon release was tweaked to disallow extended placement of bombs and mines. However, the description in the crown store included a reference to being the best bomber you could be. In January 2016, this description was finally changed to remove the part about bombing, and partial crown refunds were offered to those who had purchased the claw before the change in the description.