The conveyor belt is a useful item for transporting players and certain mobs. It is one block tall and three blocks wide, with player and mob collision but not rain or liquid collision (meaning it will not stop rain and can't be used to hold water or other liquids). You can find this item in the Industrial section of your inventory.

How to Obtain

You can craft this item in the Industrial section of the crafting menu, or trade for it on market worlds. Many dungeons generate with conveyors, so you can also easily collect them by mining.

How to Use

Place the conveyor down facing the way you want it to go. The conveyor will go in whatever direction you're facing as you place it.

The speed you move along on a string of conveyors is dependent on your agility skill level. The higher your agility level, the faster the conveyors will move you along. Running on conveyors will cause you to move faster than either running or flying alone. If you have high enough agility, you'll be able to counteract the force of conveyors and move in the opposite direction. At lower levels, running in either direction will speed up your movement in the direction the conveyors are facing. This means if you face the opposite direction and run, you will appear to be moonwalking. Yay!


Conveyors were added in December 2012.