Copper is a plentiful, naturally-generated block.

How to Obtain

This item (meaning: the block of earth containing the copper flecks) can no longer be obtained into player inventory. When mined, it will drop into inventory as copper ore rather than as the copper-flecked earth block shown to the right.


See copper ore for more information on the uses of copper as a resource.

If you have a copper-flecked earth block in your inventory, you can place it or use it to trade with other players. Note that if you place this item, you will be unable to recover it into inventory as a copper-flecked earth block. It will turn into copper ore when you mine it.


During the testing phases of the various tutorial worlds, one of the chests of plenty was erroneously coded to drop this block into player inventory (rather than copper ore). The error was caught almost immediately, but some players ended up with the copper-flecked earth blocks in their inventories. Today, these blocks are prized as rare, albeit rather useless, glitched game items.