Craftable Items


Many of the links on this page are temporarily out of order to name changes. For a complete list of all items, head to the Items page.


Craftable items range from tools and building supplies to purely decorative items. Many craftable items can also be mined directly from the environment, and some of the harder-to-craft items drop as loot from treasure chests.

Below is a list of all craftable items, organized according to how they appear in the crafting menu in-game.

Construction Items

Architecture Items

Metallurgy Items


Utility Items







Engineering Items

Industrial Items

Opulence Items

Interactive Items

Many craftable items serve decorative purposes only. These items remain behind the player when she or he moves around, and they cannot be interacted with. However a handful of items serve a purpose or are things a player can interact with. These items include:

  • Scarecrows & Tinmen - ostensibly will repel crows and automata, respectively
  • Doors & Trapdoors (especially switched ones)
  • All Tools & Accessories
  • Signs & Plaques - Plaques will appear on minimap
  • All Lighting - will give off light to surrounding area
  • Fireplaces - will light ten minutes after being placed (provide heat in ice worlds)
  • Wardrobes, Mirrors, & Hatracks - for changing appearance
  • Cages - for trapping rabbits and skunks (achievement)
  • Plugs - for plugging maws (achievement)
  • Ladders & Stairs - for climbing without using up steam
  • Weapons, Bombs, Turrets, & Shields
  • Spikes - deal damage when touched
  • Butler Bots
  • Conveyors
  • Target Teleporters & Beacons
  • Jerky & Power Jerky - restore health
  • Gravestones - for releasing skeleton-ghosts (achievement)
  • Symphonium