Crafting is an important part of Deepworld life. Press the "hammer" button (upper right on iPad, lower left on iPod) to show the crafting panel. On desktops, you can press the K key.

The crafting panel is organized into the same categories as your inventory, and displays all craftable building blocks and items. By hovering your cursor over an item, you can view a popup that tells you the ingredients and skill levels (if any) required. If you don't have the proper ingredients or skill levels, the item will appear greyed-out, but you'll still be able to call up the information.

How to Use

To craft an item, simply click on it in the crafting panel. This will craft one of the item. Most items that require high-end ingredients like onyx, diamonds, or crystals will give you the option of canceling the command.

Crafted items will go directly into your inventory, and can then be dragged to your hotbar for use.

To craft more than one item at a time, right-click the item (or tap and hold on an iOS device), then choose from the available options. Note that if you do this for a high-end item, it will NOT give you the usual "are you sure you want to do this?" popup.


For Codex Leaderboard purposes, each instance of crafting is what counts, not the actual number of items you craft. So, for example, if you craft one flax into three ropes, your stat count for items crafted will only go up by one, not by three.

If you use the multi-craft panel, the game will not register the number of times you crafted until you relog.

In minigame contests over who can craft the most items, using the multi-craft panel will only count as one instance of crafting. So even if you use the multi-craft option to craft ten thousand of something at once, the minigame will only count that as having crafted one of the item.


Crafting requirements are subject to change without notice.