Crows spawn above ground and come in two varieties: super annoying (all black) and excruciatingly annoying (black with gold).


Crows tend to appear in little gangs of three, with the single goal of annoying you. They do not cause any sort of contact damage, nor do they shoot anything at you. They just crowd around making annoying crow sounds and pushing at you. On occasion they may push you to your death, especially if you are prone to standing near cliffs with acid pools below.

Combat Tips

Crows are vulnerable to any weapon, but the funnest way to kill them is by smacking them with a shovel. The excruciatingly annoying crows with metallic parts are slightly harder to kill. Killing an ordinary crow will drop either a feather or giblets into your inventory and a tiny sense of satisfaction into your psyche. Killing one with metallic parts will drop giblets, a feather, or, if your lucky, brass scrap metal. In keeping with their utterly annoying natures, crows give no XP when you kill them. However, they do make a small, albeit relatively unsatisfying, death sound. In short, crows are the most heinous of mobs and every single one in the entire Deepworld universe should be exterminated on sight.


Crows were the first flying mob introduced to Deepworld. When first implemented, they were programmed to flock closely around players. This was so horribly annoying that the devs, in response to player outrage, actually rewrote the crow code to make them marginally less annoying.