Daily Loot

Daily Loot

Daily Loot is an awesome feature allowing you to get free loot for a set amount of XP.

How to Obtain

All you have to do is earn XP.

Changeover time is 4 PM CST. After the changeover, the first time you earn any XP, you'll receive a notification telling you what the Daily Loot is and how much XP it takes to earn it.

Sometimes the loot is a specific item, and other times it will simply say "Random Loot." Random loot draws from the same loot rotation as mechanical chests.

Achievements and Order of the Crow XP bonuses do not count toward daily loot. (Quest rewards?)

Gender options are available for clothing and such. Go to Profile > Settings > Loot Preferences to select Male or Female genders.

As of January 2016, some items have been made obtainable ONLY via Daily Loot. These items include: