Dark Protector


The dark protector is an enemy device that protects a dungeon from raiders and thieves. There are two types of dark protectors; this is the smaller and more easily destroyed one. Also called a "red protector," "enemy protector," or "dungeon protector," this protector always comes with at least one guardian brain and covers a 15-block radius, or roughly the same area as a regular protector. Dungeons are typically protected by more than one dark protector, and all must be destroyed before the dungeon can be raided.

See also: fancy dark protector

How to Obtain

This item cannot be obtained into player inventory. Mining it will destroy it.

How to Destroy

To destroy a dark protector, you must first have at least level 3 Engineering Skill. Once your Engineering Skill is high enough, you can simply mine it with any pick, shovel, or spade. Note that other melee weapons will not work.