Deep Biome


The Deep Biome is by far the most deadly of the six Biomes. Filled top to bottom with extra-hard dirt, this is the only biome that doesn't have a naturally-generated sky.

Biome-Specific Blocks

Found only in Deep biomes, seams of Blackrock cannot be mined. Only bombs can break through it.

The rare orange crystal is found only in this biome.

Biome-Specific Mobs

This biome is home to the mother of all terrapi: the Terrapus Queen.

Biome-Specific Dangers

The Deep features maws that emit deadly gas and explode anything you place over them (including plugs), mushrooms that explode and spew poison when you draw too near, and an abundance of stronger terrapi and automata in general.

Other Features

Purifying the Deep will stop maws from spewing deadly gasses, and will also enable you to plug them.

The coordinate system of this biome begins at 1000 down.

In order to mine the top layer of blocks in this biome, the player must have Mining skill level 5. To mine all the way to the bottom, level 8 Mining is required.

All Crystals can be found in Deep Biomes.

The coordinate system begins at a depth of 1000 down.

Mining Requirements:



Deep Dangers



These dangerous maws cannot be plugged and explode if you cover them.

Deep Development

Purification Process:

Once you have found all 7 Purifier parts in Ecological Crates, you can then click on the Purifier itself to activate it. Slowly the world will begin to reduce acidity until it reaches 0% acidity.

Benefits of Developed Deep:

  • Purification is the only way to stop Maws from spewing deadly gases.
  • Removing the top layer of earth will allow sunlight to filter down.
  • Excavate dirt backdrop above a certain level to reveal a normal sky behind it.


Excavating dirt backdrop above a certain level in the Deep will reveal a normal sky behind it.

In addition, removing the top layer of blocks will allow natural sunlight to filter down.