Deepworld Etiquette: The ABCs

Oh, hey there. Looks like you survived your descent into the epic wasteland that is Deepworld! You know what? We're glad you're here. Deepworld is an awesome community of people who genuinely love sandbox, massively multiplayer online games. You're going to meet some really cool people around here -- we're friendly, helpful, and most importantly, we love to have fun.

Here are the simple ABCs of being a new player in Deepworld. If you honestly make an attempt to follow these ABCs, you're going to make good friends and be a positive contributor to the Deepworld community in no time.

A - Ask Questions, Ask Nicely

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Questions like "What does a pickaxe do?" or "How do I find crystals?" or "How rare are diamonds?" are all good questions. Every single player in the game was a new player once - even if they won't admit it.

Asking good questions is the first step. The second one is asking nicely. Nothing turns an experienced player away from helping a new one like a barrage of spam questions. "Can someone please give me onyx?!?" "ANYBODY????" "PLZ PLZ PLZ!" You might as well wear a sign that says, "Don't help me because I will annoy you to death until I get what I want." Don't be that guy. Ask nicely. This will get you really, really far with the long-time players.

Instead of saying, "Somebody give me an energy cannon!" try this: "Can someone explain to me how to get an energy cannon?" Folks will be happy to help you learn the ropes in a constructive way.

B - Be Respectful, Get Respected

This one is pretty simple. If you want to be respected you need to show respect to others. This comes across strongest in the way you choose to speak to and interact with others.

Being respectful can mean anything from not calling people names to not griefing other people's creations. Treat others the way you'd like them to treat you.

The really cool thing about respect is, when you give it, you get it. Sure, there will be a few folks out there who don't give it back. You'll be the better person for showing it to them anyway.

C - Chivalry is Not Dead

Hark fair lords and ladies...err, knights and amazons...or whatever you'd like to be called! Chivalry is not dead in Deepworld! Chivalry is basically an honorable code of conduct. People who are chivalrous conduct themselves with honor and (as mentioned above) respect for Deepworld and all of its players.

This is the glue that ties "A" and "B" together. If you conduct yourself with honor, you're going to be off to a gleaming start in this fine, fine game. Remember to speak politely, to say "thank you" and "please" and to put others first instead of yourself. If you can find it in yourself to be chivalrous, the rewards of respect and assistance from happy and friendly (and experienced) Deepworld players will be your favorite prize from this game.

Now, get out there and explore with one another!