Desert Biome


The Desert is one of six Biomes.

Desert Exploration

Desert worlds are naturally arid, as it never rains. Mining here provides the same Resources as Temperate Biome with the addition of a few unique items and ore.



Desert Dangers



To avoid dying from dehydration if you do not have high enough survival skill, you need a Jar of Water in your Inventory, it's best to have several of these, as they will get used up rather quickly. To obtain, simply place an empty Jar into water. Once in inventory, they will be used automatically until they are gone.

Desert Development

World Purification Process:

Once you have found all 7 Purifier parts in Ecological Crates, you can then click on the Purifier itself to activate it. Slowly the world will begin to reduce acidity until it reaches 0% acidity.

Benefits of Developed:

Purifier activation in Desert worlds eliminates dehydration.

Due to the lack of rain, even purified, a Desert world is not capable of growing plants other than naturally occurring Cactus.