Energy Cannon


This big brother to the energy pistol is for those occasions when short bursts are just not cutting it. The energy cannon will allow you to deplete your steam reservoir in one continuous glorious burst of sparks. Its damage capacity is unparalleled. Despite that, it is rumored that one or more mobs are immune to its effects.

Like all other weapons, it can be upgraded using a weapon kit. When upgraded, the name and appearance of the gun will change along with increased damage output. The upgraded versions are the Energy Cannon Mark II and the Energy Cannon Mark III.

How to Obtain

This item can be crafted or traded, and is purchasable as part of the Power Pack in the store.

How to Use

You can use it to attack turrets, mobs, or other players -- or shoot it in the air to celebrate! Since revenants and ghosts in hell worlds are susceptible only to energy weapons, it's a great gun to use for getting the Ghost Hunter achievements.