Exoskeletons are permanent mechanical prosthetics that offer Skill Bonuses and other advanced benefits. They are not lootable from Chests or tradable, you can only obtain them by purchase using Crowns.

The benefits to of each piece improves as the respective quality of material improves, going from brass to onyx provides additional points to corresponding Skills and even greater additional benefits.

Note: If you choose to upgrade your exoskeleton, lower pieces are not stackable and will not be retained or crowns refunded.

Types of Exoskeletons

  • Headset
  • Torso

    • Stamina bonus (max +2)
    • Mining bonus (max +2)
    • Increased health regeneration rate
  • Leg

    • Agility bonus (max +2)
    • Survival bonus (max +2)
    • Leg & foot damage protection
    • Stomp attack


  • Brass
  • Diamond
  • Onyx


  • /exo [off/on] - Shows or hides your exoskeleton. All the effects of an exoskeleton are still active it is just invisible.