The Exploder is a mechanical device that is powered by steam. When triggered, it produces an explosion that damages creatures and players near it. Exploder-driven explosions do not damage blocks or structures.

How to Obtain

You can craft exploders in the Engineering tab of the crafting menu, or you can trade for them in a market world.

How to Use

First place a switch or touchplate. Then place the exploder where you want it, and select which type of explosion (fire or electric). Note that you must also run steam to power the exploder. Also, as with all steam-powered devices, the brass pipe for the steam must overlap a block that is directly vertically or horizontally adjacent to the anchor block of the exploder.

Exploders are a crucial element in the construction of many mob farms. By creating a container around a maw, and outfitting it with exploders, you can create a reliable source of giblets, canisters, or other non-placeable mob-dropped items.


The anchor block of the exploder must be completely below the anchor block of the mob you wish to damage or destroy. If the anchor block of a mob even partially overlaps (or lies below) the anchor block of an exploder, then the exploder will deal no damage.

If the mob ordinarily drops an item that can be placed (e.g., giblets, scrap metal), then killing it with an exploder will place the item on the screen rather than dropping it into your inventory. If there is no free spot for the item to place, it will simply disappear. If the mob ordinarily drops an item that cannot be placed (e.g., shillings, jerky, canisters, etc.), then the item will drop into your inventory like it does with any other kill.

Reinforced metals will protect players and mobs from damage from exploders.

In order to prevent XP farming, mobs killed by way of exploders do NOT give XP.


For a short time after the XP conversion, exploder-killed mobs did give XP. This resulted in a number of players skyrocketing through the levels by way of exploder-driven mob farms.

The brain farm nerf was in direct response to players using exploder farms to kill brains.

Exploders have long played a part in the construction of "lag machines." A lag machine is any build that is designed to exploit a coding quirk or weakness in order to cause other players to experience lag or even crash out of the game. Because lag machines are nasty, trolly things to create, details about how to construct them will not be laid out here. Bad lag-machine builder, bad! No codex page for you!