Fainting Couch


For those times when you just have to swoon. This classy couch is located in the furniture section of your inventory. It is two blocks tall and three blocks wide and has no collision.

How to Obtain

You can craft this item, mine it from certain dungeons, or trade for it in a market world.

How to Use

Fainting couches are one of only a few Deepworld items that allow customization: you can choose from among three different colors (red, green, and blue). When you place a fainting couch, a dialog box will appear with the three selections. Choose one and then hit "okay." If you don't choose one, it will automatically display the default color.

Tragically, at the time of this writing (March 2016), it is not possible to change which direction the couch faces.


Fainting couches were added in early 2013.