A figurine is a decorative item that looks like a small, golden statue. In inventory, it appears in the Opulence section.


You can transform a figurine into a statue by bringing the figurine, along with the required amount of either marble ore or bloodstone ore, to any android. Click on the android and choose the option that says, "Can you craft something for me?" The android will ask you to drag a figurine onto it (in the same way that you drag items to other players to give or initiate a trade), and will give you further instructions from there. The android will demand a small payment of shillings for performing this service.

Figurines can also be used as decorative items in and of themselves.

How to Obtain

Figurines drop as relatively rare loot from mechanical chests. They can also be traded. If you have a premium account, you can obtain an orator figurine from the chest of plenty located in Clearvale.