Finish Touchplate


The finish touchplate is exactly like the touchplate, but is fancier and much more expensive!

How to Use

  • To make the finish touchplate say something or have a color, place the finish touchplate and type in the text box what you want to pop up when you run over the finish touchplate. You can choose the color of the finish touchplate by picking one of the four colors (red, blue, green, or no color) under the text box.
  • To hook a finish finish touchplate up do a mechanical door, [mechanical trapdoor]], or large mechanical trapdoor, simply place the finish touchplate and then place the trapdoor. Easy!
  • To hook the finish touchplate up to a mechanical sign, type what text you can to appear in the sign on the finish touchplate, place the mechanical sign, and unlock the text. This means, when you run over the finish touchplate, whatever you typed will appear on the sign!