Frost Cannon


A great weapon when you need to chill someone or something out. The frost cannon shoots continuous bursts of blue projectiles that do cold damage. When using this weapon in the arctic biomes, be aware that some mobs are already in their element and your frost cannon will do no damage to them. A force shield helps protect you against the projectiles of the frost cannon from other players.

It can be upgraded using a weapon kit. When upgraded, the name and appearance of the gun will change along with increased damage output. The upgraded versions are Mark II and Mark III. So upgrade now and get a really cool gun. Ha ha ha, get it? "Cool" gun? Because it uses ... frost?

How to Obtain

It can be crafted or traded. It is also available for purchase as part the battle pack.


You can use it to attack turrets, mobs, or other players, to celebrate, and in general to chill people out.