Giant Clock


At a size of 4x4 blocks, the giant clock is one of the larger items in the game. It's also one of the most complex and expensive to craft. This advanced item keeps track of Deepworld time according to the day/night cycle of the game.

How to Obtain

Craft it or trade for it in a market world.

How to Use

Simply place the clock and voila! You can now sit and watch how fast Deepworld time goes by. This large, stunning item is sure to class up any build.

Deepworld Time

It takes about 50 real-world seconds for the clock to show that exactly one hour of Deepworld time has passed. Based on this, we can say that Deepworld time passes about 72 times faster than real-world time. Every 20 minutes of real time, another entire day passes in the game. Every hour of real time equals about three days in the game. And about every five real-world days, a whole Deepworld year goes by!

Deepword time to real time:

  • one DW minute = .8333 real seconds
  • one DW hour = 50 real seconds
  • one DW day = 20 real minutes
  • one DW week = 140 real minutes, or 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • one DW year = 7300 real minutes, or 121.6666 hours, or 5.07 days

Real time to Deepworld time:

  • one real second = 72 DW seconds, or 1 minute & 12 seconds
  • one real minute = 72 DW minutes, or 1 hour & 12 minutes
  • one real hour = 72 DW hours, or 3 days
  • one real world day = 72 DW days, or 10.3 weeks


Giant clocks were released on December 8, 2013.