Hell Biome

Hell is one of five Biomes.

Hell Exploration

Hell Biome is dark and eerie, from the dark red sky, an over-abundance of Lava, and ghostly mobs.

It is the only Biome with the Expiator machine. Finding Expiator parts & activating it count towards the Infernal Scout Achievements. Successfully using the Expiator is the only way to remove the 12 dangerous Infernal Protectors spread throughout the world.

Hell worlds also contain seams of Blackrock that can only be removed with Bombs. You can find the same Resources while mining underground, that are found in a Temperate Biome world, with the addition of a few items and unique ore.



Hell Dangers


Ghosts: (Ghost Hunter Achievements)

Beginner's Tips: Plugging Gold Maws in Hell worlds is especially beneficial, as they spawn an abundance of deadly Brains.

Ghosts can be destroyed using Energy Pistol, Energy Cannon, and Electric Bombs.


Beginner's Tips: Hell geysers can be easily removed with an Acid Cannon.
Use the Force Shield to temporarily block damage from Ash Rain.

Hell Development

Expiator Activation & Use

Once you have found all 7 Expiator Parts, you can then tap on the Expiator itself to activate it. Expiator is a unique machine used to release Lost Souls, it only works specifically with the friendly ghosts (with names).

It is beneficial to mark the location of all 12 Infernal Protecters with Plaques, Teleporters, or Micro Protectors before using the Expiator. This is because finding their location is much easier with obvious purple glow still present.

Benefits of Developed Hell World

After the Expiator is repaired, you are able to use it to release Lost Souls. Each deliverance removes one random Infernal Protector, thus freeing up previously unexplored areas.

Infernal Protectors typically cover simple Bunkers and a few Dungeons containing Large Red Chests.

Other Tips

(The amount of infernal protecters may vary, so don't freak out when a mini hell biome may have less protecters than a XL!)