Horticulture Skill


Horticulture is one of eleven player Skills. It is related to the art of growing and harvesting things.

Horticulture Skill Attributes

Raising this skill allows:

  • ability to plant better bulbs
  • higher chance of recouping bulbs when harvesting with a spade

Unlock Additional Abilities

  • Different levels are required to place certain bulbs. More info needed.
  • The higher your horticulture skill level, the more likely you will be to recoup a bulb while harvesting it with a spade.
  • The better your spade, the higher your chance of recouping a bulb when you harvest.

Skill Bonus


Max Level: 13

Horticulture Skill (10) + Onyx Rake (3)


The horticulture skill was introduced in early 2015, along with several new bulbs. As of March 2015, there are no new achievements associated with this skill, however rumor has it that a Master Horticulturist achievement is in the works.