Ice Backdrop


This cool background block can be used to create igloos and other places to chill out. It is glossy light blue in color with a large brick pattern when laid alongside other ice backdrops. You can find this block in the Architecture section of inventory. Like other backdrops, ice backdrop is 1x1 block square and has no collision.

How to Obtain

This backdrop can be crafted from ice, and also is found in various world-generated structures on arctic worlds, where it can be mined. This item is only obtainable naturally from arctic biomes, although you can also trade for it with other players. This block is not used in crafting any other items.

How to Use

Like ice, snow, snowballs, and ice bricks, you can place ice backdrop in arctic biomes only. Since it's difficult to distinguish this background block from its solid form (ice brick), the two can be used together to create mazes and dungeons that are especially hard to navigate.

Unlike most backdrops, ice backdrop doesn't distress naturally and cannot be distressed with a hatchet. This is probably because when ice gets distressed in real life, it tends to cry and turn into water.