Industrial Chest


Industrial chests, also known as ecological crates, or "eco crates," are large green containers found in all Biomes. They contain parts required to repair machines in each world. They can be found in Dungeons and Bunkers.

Like all containers, when in a lootable state, an industrial chest will emit a bubbling/sparkling effect.

Do not confuse this item with the similarly-named industrial crate, which is a metallic crate that often holds lower-tier loot items.

How to Obtain

It is not possible for players to obtain this item. You can mine an industrial chest after you loot it, but it will only drop scrap metal into your inventory.

How to Use

To retrieve the machine part from an industrial chest, simply click or tap once on the chest. You'll see a notice that you've found a machine part. Unlike other sparkly containers, an industrial chest doesn't drop an actual item into your inventory. Instead, it adds the part to the machine itself.

Looting an industrial chest counts toward the Ecologist Achievements.


When world machines were first introduced, you would find their parts in small red chests.