Inhibitors are used to destroy evokers in brain biomes. This self-protecting item is 3 blocks high and 3 blocks wide, with no collision. When placed, the inhibitor can only be mined by the person who placed it. Like protectors and spawners, an inhibitor will display an icon on the mini-map that is visible only to the person who placed it.

How to Obtain

You can loot this item from a mechanical chest or trade for it in a market world. Inhibitors cannot be crafted. Like all items in the mechanical chest loot rotation, this item can also be awarded as random daily loot or as an android's fifth-day gift.

How to Use

To explode an evoker, you must use a collector and pipes to bring steam to the bottom left block of the inhibitor (the anchor block). Make sure the inhibitor's anchor block is placed within 5 blocks of the evoker. The inhibitor will explode, taking the evoker and nearby blocks with it.

Since inhibitor icons on the mini-map are only visible to the person who placed them, players sometimes use inhibitors as a way to privately mark important things on a map.

The self-protecting nature of this item means it is sometimes also used as a way to interfere with other people placing protectors. To see an example of inhibitors used this way, visit Times Square.


Inhibitors were once known as stabilizers, but were repurposed and renamed when brain biomes were released.