Interactive Items


Interactive items are items that respond when the player does something to them, such as clicking or tapping on them. Some items perform functions, some create an effect on the player, and a few simply display animations.

List of Interactive Items

  • world machines in general: activated by clicking
  • expiator: clicking delivers any nearby friendly ghost
  • composter: clicking creates one compost
  • recycler: clicking converts all your scrap metal into usable blocks
  • switches: clicking flips the switch, affecting any properly connected device
  • touchplates: activated by the player's anchor block passing over
  • non-mechanical doors: clicking opens or closes
  • non-mechanical trapdoors: clicking opens or closes
  • signs, plaques, landmark plaques, & notes: clicking ones that you own allows you to edit the text
  • ladders & staircases: moving up them allows vertical movement without using steam
  • unlooted chests & containers of all types: clicking loots the container
  • pet & android crates: clicking owned crates opens and releases the pet or android
  • pandora's boxes: clicking owned boxes activates them; clicking un-owned activated boxes ups the pandora event level
  • lit fireplaces & braziers: clicking provides toasty warmth
  • protectors: clicking owned protectors brings up option menu for allowing or disallowing people you follow to edit
  • conveyors: standing on them will move you
  • mass teleporters & spawners: clicking brings up options for configuring or moving
  • teleporters: clicking brings up the mini-map displaying other teleporters to jump to
  • world teleporter (spawn): clicking brings up the world search menu
  • target teleporters: clicking transports you to a specified destination
  • butler bots: double-clicking brings up command options
  • mines: moving close detonates them
  • shade & apostate mushrooms: moving within range causes them to explode
  • spikes, stalagmites, stalactites, crystals: touching them causes player damage (depending on skill levels)
  • turrets: moving close to game-generated turrets or turrets placed by players who don't follow you activates them
  • guild obelisk: clicking brings up guild-related options
  • deathmatch obelisk: clicking brings up deathmatch options (currently no longer working)
  • symphonium: clicking toggles spinning ballerina animation on and off
  • bathtub: clicking toggles bubble effect on and off (currently not working)
  • acid & lava: contact causes damage (depending on skill levels & accessories)
  • water: contact causes drowning (depending on skill levels/accessories and depth of water)
  • various building blocks: clicking with hatchet causes decay
  • maws: clicking with plug closes off; entering range causes maw spawning
  • bulbs: placing fertilizer above causes instant growth
  • companion cubes: clicking causes cube to deliver compliments
  • mirrors, wardrobes, & hatracks: clicking brings up dialog about appearance