Iron Backdrop


Iron backdrop is a basic building item in the Metallurgy section of your inventory. It is a grey metallic backdrop with a fine embossed herringbone pattern. Like all backdrops, it is one block square in size, has no collision, and layers behind items and solid blocks.

How to Obtain

It's easy to mine iron backdrop, as it generates naturally in many dungeon types in all biomes. You can also craft this item from iron ore, and standing near a working forge while crafting this (or any other) metallurgy item will double the crafting amount. As with all building blocks, iron backdrop can also be traded for in a market world.

How to Use

Iron backdrop is one of the few backdrops that will give a seamless effect. This makes it especially useful when you're going for that uncluttered, minimalist look. When placed as a single block, it appears with a thick border around the edge, but you can hide this border by layering it beneath surrounding wall blocks.

You can create a distressed look by using a hatchet on this block, but be aware that mining a distressed iron backdrop will not give you iron backdrop or iron ore. Rather, it will give you iron scrap metal, which can only be recycled back into iron at great cost using a recycler. For this reason, you should make sure your build is just how you want it before you distress this block.