Iron Block


Iron blocks are solid building blocks, grey in color, with a riveted border. They are a base material in many other crafting recipes. They are found in the Metallurgy section of inventory. They occupy one square block and have full collision.

How to Obtain

Iron blocks can be crafted from iron ore. You can also mine them from generated bunkers, dungeons, and surface structures in all biome types. They occasionally drop as loot from sacks, crates, and barrels. You can also obtain iron blocks by trading with other players. If you have metal scrap in your inventory, you can obtain iron blocks by going to a working recycler and clicking on the recycler. This will convert your scrap metal into usable metal blocks of various types. If you need a small number of iron blocks in a hurry, and you have cash to spare, you can purchase them as part of the Building Pack in the crowns shop. The Building Pack contains 100 iron blocks and costs 150 crowns.

If you craft this item while standing near a working forge, you'll get twice as much back as normal.

How to Use

Iron blocks are widely used in both building and crafting. As building blocks, they provide some measure of protection against damage caused by bombs. As crafting elements, they are required in more recipes than any other item. The following items all require iron blocks to craft: