Jerky is one of the main health-oriented consumables in the game. Each jerky restores 1 heart of health. Jerky is the least powerful of the four possible health-restoring consumables, but is the easiest to obtain. For information on the other consumables, see power jerky, filet, or power filet.

How to Obtain

Jerky can be crafted (three at a time) or looted (from both chests and crates, barrels, and sacks). Note that you need Survival skill level 2 to craft it. You can also trade for this item in a market world, or purchase it directly from the in-game store.

How to Use

Jerky can be used as a crafting ingredient in making power jerky, or it can be consumed directly to restore health.

There are several ways to consume jerky. The easiest, on a keyboard, is to simply hit the letter Z. Or you can hit F to bring up the Power-Ups panel and click on the jerky icon. You can also put jerky into your hotbar, in which case you need to select it, then click anywhere on the screen to consume it.