Large Green Crystal


A large green crystal is a rare, naturally-generated resource that looks like a long emerald-colored crystal protruding vertically from a clumpy base of smaller green crystals. This item stands two blocks high and one block wide, and has full collision, except it cannot contain liquids. You can find this item in the Resources section of inventory.

Large green crystals generate at the time of a world's generation and are found underground in small caves. Like all crystals, they give off a faint glow.

Despite their beauty, these crystals deal the same damage as small crystals and other dangers like stalagmites and stalactites.

How to Obtain

The only way to obtain large green crystals is either to mine them in brain biomes (the only biomes where they generate naturally in underground caves) or to trade for them in a market world. As with all crystals, they can be mined with any pickaxe.

How to Use

As of December 2017, large green crystals are not an ingredient in any crafting recipe. Their end use is often decorative, but due to their rarity, they sometimes serve as a standard of currency in trading as well. Since they're light-emitting, they can also be used as a dramatic alternative to traditional fixtures to illuminate an area.


Large green crystals were introduced as part of the Space Biome update in December 2017.