Loot, loot, loot! Everyone wants it. Everyone has a theory about how to get the best stuff. No one is quite sure how it all works. But what, exactly, is loot?

At bottom, loot is nothing more than a specialized in-game reward for completing a certain task, such as clicking a sparkling container or winning a Pandora's Box event. Loot is an everyday part of the Deepworld experience, and one of the most hotly-debated topics among players. What makes loot important is that it often provides items that you can't easily get any other way.

How Loot Works

The kind of loot you get is determined by a complicated formula whose exact mechanisms are known only to the developers -- and they aren't talking! What we do know is that loot is related to the kind of container (or action) you get it from, and to your luck skill level.

Loot from Containers

Most often, people use the term loot to describe the stuff they get from the chests in dungeons and bunkers. The stuff you get from other containers is also a form of loot.

  • Mechanical Chests: Found only in enemy-protected dungeons, these containers are famous for giving you a chance to obtain the best possible loot.

  • Red Chests: These containers let you get up to medium-level loot, and also contain vanity items like hairstyles and clothing.

  • Large Red Chests: Found in hell biomes under infernal protectors, these containers can drop either loot comparable to mechanical chests, or vanity items.

  • Small Mechanical Chests: These containers seem to drop the same loot as small red chests.

  • Crates, Barrels, and Sacks: These containers drop mostly resources and various consumables.

Loot from Pandora's Boxes Events

  • Winning a well-populated Pandora's Box event seems to give you a chance at a loot drop from the mechanical chest rotation.

  • The chaos level of a Pandora's Box event may affect which formula the game uses, e.g., low chaos levels may drop lower-tier loot items.

Random Daily Loot

  • Random Daily Loot (as opposed to the kind that tells you in advance what you'll get) seems to use the same formula as mechanical chests.

Android Loot

  • The first three days seem to give lower-level loot.

  • The fourth day may use a formula that gives you the chance of receiving somewhat better loot.

  • The fifth day seems to use the same formula as mechanical chests.

Loot from Killing Things

  • Mobs drop various forms of loot according to specific formulas that don't play a role in the overall mechanisms of loot and luck in general. For more information about which mobs drop what, see the individual mob's codex page.

Chests of Plenty

  • The formula assigned to any given chest of plenty is predetermined by the developer who placed the chest, and thus doesn't follow any set pattern. In some cases, the chest will always drop the same item no matter who loots it. In others, it will drop an item according to the mechanical chest formula. Another might drop an item using the formula for small red chests. You get the idea.

Loot and Luck

For information on how luck skill level affects loot, see the Luck Skill page.