Mac Controls


You can move with the 'WASD' keys or the arrow keys.

Holding 'W' or up will cause your avatar to jetpack if one is equipped.

If you have purchased exo legs, holding 'S' or the down arrow will allow you to execute an exo stomp.


Interact with Doors, Switches, and other Interactive Items by either clicking on them or hovering over them and pressing the space bar. Pressing the space bar operates like clicking the mouse.



  • P: Show profile
  • I: Show inventory
  • K: Show crafting menu
  • O: Show social menu
  • E: Show emotes menu
  • U: Opens crown store tab
  • G: Opens private messages pane
  • Escape: Close any dialog, menu, or other open panel, and show 'exit game' menu if nothing else is on screen


  • 0-9: Toggle hotbar item
  • Cmd + 0-9: Switch to hotbar preset
  • Cmd + ctrl + 0-9: Store hotbar preset


  • M: Show map
  • +/- (plus/minus keys): Zoom in/out (if your Perception is high enough)
  • , (comma key): Toggle ability to see protector radius on/off


  • Z: Consume one of whatever your most powerful food is
  • X: Use shield
  • C: Use canister
  • F: Show powerups window
  • V: Activate Butler interaction mode
  • B: Use portable teleporter


  • T: Toggle console
  • /: Toggle console with / at the beginning (for entering Commands)
  • Y: Show/hide chat window
  • (up arrow): displays previous line of your chat