Mammoth Head


The Mammoth Head is a mounted head that hangs on your wall looking very mammoth-y.

How to Obtain

As of June 2018, this item remains unobtainable, short of a developer putting one in your inventory or placing one for you to mine. It was officially added to the game code in late 2016, but has not been incorporated into world generation yet. It is assumed that, like the Mammoth Fossil, the Mammoth Head will only generate in arctic worlds, and that, like other mounted heads, it will appear only in specialized bunkers known as "head bunkers."

There is a Mammoth Head on view near the spawn in Awkbinge Bridge.


Hang this item on a wall to display your epic hunting skills. It is unknown at this time if it will only be possible to place it in arctic worlds.


The Mammoth Head is based on a drawing by forum user Vorobets13, who submitted it to the 2016 Holiday Cheer Competition. In submitting the drawing, Vorobets13 made a point of thanking King_Creeps for the idea.