Market World


A market world is a public world that is specifically designated as a world on which players can trade. (All private worlds allow trading by default.) You can see market worlds in the world teleport screen by looking in the "Experiences" section.

There are two types of market worlds: those created by the developers and those created by individual players.

Developer-Created Market Worlds

Six worlds are officially designated as market worlds by the game.

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Navy Pier
  • North Market (premium and arctic biome)
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Times Square
  • Yorkshire Market

Player-Created Market Worlds

A player can convert her or his private world into a market world by purchasing a market converter from the in-game shop.

You can retrieve a list of the most recently-created market worlds from the API by using the following link:


Visit Market Worlds to start trading items with other players, earn the Merchant achievements, make new friends, and explore the protected shops set up by players to see unique creations and rare items.


Due to the nature of the game, it is possible to have your items accidentally or intentionally stolen by other players. Market worlds, in particular, are a haven for unscrupulous players who just want to cheat you out of your items. Watch out for scammers and follow the appropriate steps to complete successful trades.

See the Scam Prevention Guide for more information.


Market worlds were first introduced when the trading system was changed so that players could only trade on either fully private worlds or official market worlds. From the time that they were created in November 2013 until the advent of purchasable market converters in May 2015, the six developer worlds were the only public worlds where players could trade.