Mechanical Cat


The mechanical cat (sometimes also called a robot cat) is a specialized persistent mob that you can keep as a pet. Unlike real cats, mechanical cats are immortal. They never despawn and cannot be destroyed. So if you're feeling lonely in your newly-built house, bring home a mechanical cat, and you'll always have a pet who will ignore you and refuse to respond to its name!

How to Obtain

Mechanical cats come from cat crates.

How to Use

Place the crate in a confined area, then click on it. Your cat will appear, complete with its own pre-assigned name. Mechanical cats can jump up two blocks and can cross diagonal blocks, so make sure to build your enclosure carefully. It's best to make sure you don't use any material that can be shoveled.

Pets in Deepworld require no upkeep or maintenance, so one you release it from its crate, you're all set.


Released March 2013 as part of the 1.6.1 update.

Pet names are drawn from the same pool of names as androids and friendly ghosts.

Pets used to factor into the mob mechanics of spawning, which meant you could suppress all spawning on a world by simply opening lots of pet crates.

For a short time, it was possible to destroy pets with explosives. They would reappear next time you logged in, though.