Minigame Obelisk


The minigame obelisk is a device that allows you to create your own game-within-a-game as you play Deepworld. You can find this item in the Utility section of your inventory, where it appears as a white obelisk. Minigame obelisks appear white in the inventory and crafting menu (almost indistinguishable from guild obelisks) but appear as small black obelisks when placed. Each is one block wide by two blocks tall and has no collision.

How to Obtain

Minigame obelisks can be crafted in the Utility section of your crafting menu (requires Combat 5), or you can trade for them in a market world.

How to Use

Simply place the obelisk, then click it to bring up the Settings panel. You can only place minigame obelisks in worlds that you own or that you're a member of, and you can't mine up an obelisk when its game is in progress. Note that even though there are restrictions on placing this item, other members of the world are able to mine it when no game is in progress.


The first settings panel gives you the option of customizing a new game, using the last settings from the obelisk, or copying settings from another minigame.

Choosing the "Customize" button brings up a second panel, which allows you to set general parameters about what actions will be scored, the size of the area in which the game will take place, how long of a countdown you want before the game begins, and how long you want the game to last. Scoring can be based players killed, mobs killed, blocks mined, or items crafted. The range in which actions will count can be from anywhere on the world down to the size of a micro protector. Both countdown and duration times must be entered in seconds.

Once you've set the general parameters, the next panel offers options for restricting which tools must be used, what blocks or items must be mined or crafted, whether such blocks must be naturally-generated or not, and which mobs must be destroyed. You can leave these fields blank if you don't want to put any restrictions.

For a list of all item codes, go to the items page.

For a list of all mob codes, refer to the mob codes page.

At the time of this writing (February 2016), it is not possible to specify more than one code at a time. For example, you can't yet make a game about killing any and all terrapi. You either have to choose a specific type of terrapus, or leave the field blank (which means all killed mobs of all types will count).

Once you've set all these secondary parameters (if any), you'll see a panel listing the particulars of that game, including a randomly-generated code that you can type in next time you want to play another game with those same parameters.


If you create a game that results in a huge flurry of activity, expect to see lag.

If you create a game that involves specific mobs, be sure to say in chat what the specific mob is, as the game text doesn't always specify.

It is possible to create impossible games, such as "kill floorlamps with a companion cube." It is not recommended to create such games, as they aren't really much fun.

Two minigames cannot run at the same time on the same world.

Minigames lasting hours and hours are a quick way to send people fleeing from your world due to its stupid and boring minigames.


Minigame obelisks were released in the server update v1.32.4 in February 2016.

Minigame obelisks use the same graphic that the now-defunct PvP obelisk once used.