A net is a lootable tool used to capture butterflies, which are found fluttering around temperate worlds.

How to Obtain

The only ways to obtain a net are to either loot it or trade for one in a market world.

How to Use

You can use your net to catch butterflies, pinned cockroaches, and pinned scorpions by simply smacking at the mob repeatedly with the net. To catch a pinned cockroach, use your net on the large cockroaches. To catch a pinned scorpion, use it on the small scorpions. Using a net to catch a mob will not always be successful. Your rate of success will rise as you upgrade your agility skill.

You can upgrade a net to either a diamond net or an onyx net in the Tools section of the Crafting tab.


The Net was added in the summer 2013 update, which included butterflies, new paintings, and more building items.