Non-Hostile Mobs



Non-hostile mobs will not damage the player in any direct way. Many, however, will push the player around or prevent the player from moving, which can sometimes result in damage.

Combat Tips

Most non-hostile mobs can be killed by bombing or shooting. Androids are the exception to this rule, as they cannot be killed. Mobs that are player-owned, such as pet terrapi and robot cats and dogs, cannot be destroyed either.


Most non-hostile mobs will drop items into your inventory when you kill them.

  • Crow: drops feathers
  • Bat: drops guano
  • Rat: drops fur
  • Bunny: drops fur
  • Skunk: drops fur or filet
  • Lesser Cockroach:
  • Ghost: drops ectoplasm
  • Armadillo:
  • Vulture: drops feathers

History and Trivia

Crows were the first non-hostile mob introduced in the game. Their original implementation was so annoying the devs had to rewrite the code to change how they interacted with players. This ostensibly made them less annoying, but you'd never know it.

When bats were first implemented, they did not hang upside down from the undersides of surfaces.