Considered the rarest item in regular gameplay (second only to the Brass Throne, which is only awarded as a grand prize for a Bytebin-sponsored competition), the Notch painting shows the profile of a bearded man in a fedora against a brown background.

In inventory, this item appears in the Opulence category.

How to Obtain

Notch is found only in one of two underground structures: on the third floor of the unprotected triple-decker "luxury bunker" (made of brass and wood); or in the center of the square (protected) dungeon that has flame turrets and mines.


Paintings are used for decoration, and also often in trades.


The Notch painting depicts the creator of the game Minecraft, the sandbox game that served as the initial guiding inspiration for the developers of Deepworld. This item is one of the original four paintings available in game (along with Dig Dug, Smasheroid, and Une Pipe). For a short time early in Deepworld's development, the Notch painting would drop as rare loot from treasure chests.