Onyx Compressor


The most powerful of the three compressor types, and arguably one of the most useful of all accessories, the onyx compressor adds 15 to your overall steam count, for a whopping total of 35. When not equipped, this item resides in the Accessories section of inventory.

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How to Obtain

This item can be crafted, traded, or purchased from the Tools And Accessories section of the crowns shop for 250 crowns. Note that like all 3rd-tier accessories, the onyx compressor cannot be looted.

How to Use

Drag this item to an active slot in your Accessories Bar to equip it. Note that compressors are not stackable, so if you have more than one kind of compressor, you should only equip the most powerful one.


When first released, this item was able to be looted. Sadly, within a few months, it and all other 3rd-tier accessories were removed from the loot rotation. There's some hope that this was merely a mistake, and that 3rd-tier accessories might once again drop as loot.

Over time, the crafting cost of this item has dropped significantly. When the onyx compressor first came out, the crafting recipe called for 8 onyx.