Order of the Crow


Not to be confused with The Order of The Moon.

Have you ever noticed the crow icons next to some players' names? These icons represent membership in the Order of the Crow. The Order of the Crow was created as a way to recognize experienced players in the game..

Membership in the Order of the Crow is open to any player who meets certain requirements, and there are five different levels: Iron, Brass, Sapphire, Ruby, and Onyx. With Onyx being the most prestigious and most difficult to achieve. Each level has different requirements, and you progress through each level automatically as the requirements are met.



  • Level 20
  • 5,000 areas explored
  • 25 teleporters repaired


  • Level 30
  • 10,000 areas explored
  • 50 teleporters repaired


  • Level 40
  • 20,000 areas explored
  • 100 teleporters repaired


  • Level 50
  • 40,000 areas explored
  • 200 teleporters repaired


  • Level 60
  • 80,000 areas explored
  • 400 teleporters repaired

How to Know Your Stats

The level requirements refer to your in-game level, not the one that is listed on your codex profile page.

To view your profile page so you can see how many areas you've explored and how many teleporters you've repaired, you can either sign in to the codex by using the link at the top of the page (use your in-game username and the same password you use for signing into your game account) and then clicking on your name, or you can click the following link, which will take you to the players page. Once there, simply go to your browser's address bar and add your username after the last slash of the URL:


For example, if your username were "laurence," you would use the following URL to view your profile page:



Each time you rise through the ranks, you receive a 5000 xp bonus.

Other than the xp bonuses, the only actual advantage to being in the Order of the Crow is the ability to view and vote on abuse reports.