Order of the Moon


The Order Of The Moon is a tier-based system that rewards players who have spent money on the game by giving them an XP bonus.

See also: Order of the Crow


Moon Rank   Requirement   Reward
Iron   Spend 1000 crowns   10% XP bonus
Brass   Spend 2000 crowns   20% XP bonus
Sapphire   Spend 4000 crowns   30% XP bonus
Ruby   Spend 8000 crowns   40% XP bonus
Onyx   Spend 16,000 crowns   50% XP bonus

Displaying Your Rank Icon

You can choose to display what rank you are in the Order of the Moon by typing /order into chat. This will bring up a dialog box giving you the option to display an icon for either Order of the Moon or Order of the Crow (but not both). You can also choose to hide such icons altogether.


The Order Of The Moon was added in June 2015, but the ability to display its icon was not released until February 2016.