Paintings, also sometimes called posters, are a type of Wall Hanging. There are two main types: Landscapes and unique paintings. Landscapes are more common and vary based on where they are placed, whereas unique paintings are rarer and do not change. Landscapes and the Smasheroid painting can be looted; the rest can only be found in special bunkers.

Unique Paintings

Listed in order of rarity, from most common to least common:

  • Une Pipe: A common painting derived from the famous painting by René Magritte, this painting is found in bunkers. It shows a picture of an in-game pipe and has an inscription along the bottom saying "C'est ne pas une pipe." (Changed in 2015 to a Brass Pipe
  • Son of Man: Another parody of a René Magritte painting, this one features a blob of acid instead of a green apple. (Changed in 2015 to a Acid Mushroom)
  • Gashlycrumb
  • Northerners
  • Smasheroid
  • Dig Dug
  • Alpaca
  • Leap Quest
  • Stunt Surfer
  • Outling
  • Notch: A portrait of Notch, the creator of the hit game "Minecraft."

  • Autumn is a painting released in the Holiday Items update (Dec 2016). Rarity not yet established.


Landscapes are looted from all chest types. Depending on where they are placed, they display one of five buildings superimposed on one of five landscapes.