Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box is a rare item that drops as loot from a treasure chest and can activate a minigame featuring monster spawning and a killing competition. Players who tap the box will raise the chaos level. At the end, the player with the most kills receives a prize.

You can find this item in the Utility section of your inventory. A Pandora's Box is 2 blocks high and 2 blocks wide, has no collision, and is self-protecting.

How to Obtain

Pandora's Boxes drop as rare loot from mechanical chests. Since they're part of the loot rotation, it's also possible to get one from an android as a 5th-day gift, or to receive one as a random daily loot. Occasionally this item is a designated daily loot, as well.

You can also purchase this item in the "Weapons And Exoskeletons" section of the crowns store or trade for it on a market world.

How to Use

Place the Pandora's Box. Note that there are some limitations on when and where a player can place this item. You can't place it on a public world that is less than ?% explored. You can't place it within ? blocks of a world spawn. You can't place it on a protected world (unless you're a member of that world). You can't place it on any of the dev-generated market worlds (Times Square, etc.)

Once you've placed it, you need to click it again to activate it. Then other players can click on it to raise the chaos level. Each player can raise it one level. The higher the chaos level, the higher the number of spawning waves and the formidable the mobs.

Once the countdown is complete, the minigame begins! Whoever kills the most mobs, wins the prize. The prize is drawn randomly from the loot rotation. Higher chaos levels will yield prizes from higher tiers of the loot rotation. (check)

Experienced players often build an enclosure before opening a Pandora's Box. Some people prefer to disallow bombs, and will make a point of installing bomb suppressors. Many Pandora arenas sport safety huts for regaining steam and platforms from which to shoot.

You can also use a Pandora's Box as a decorative item by placing it and then never activating it.


Pandora's Boxes were added in early 2013.