Pipe (commonly known as "brass pipe") is an important part of the game, as it is necessary for activating steam-powered devices. You can find it in the Metallurgy section of inventory.

In Deepworld, the term "pipe" can sometimes also refer to: Vent, Culvert, Lead Pipe,or Une Pipe

How to Obtain

Craft it, mine it from generated structures, or trade for it on a market world. If you craft pipe while standing near a working forge, you'll receive double the usual amount.

How to Use

Pipe is used to carry steam from a collector to a steam-powered device. Place the center of the collector directly over an underground steam vent, then place pipe in a continuous line from the collector to the bottom left block of the device you want to power.

Note that there is a limit on the number of pipe segments you can use between the collector and the device to be powered. You can use a maximum of 399 pipe segments from the center of the collector (397 if you start at the collector valve). The actual distance in blocks doesn't matter; all that matters is the number of pipe segments you use. You can have a device 5 blocks away from a collector, and if you run a pipe 200 blocks away and then 200 blocks back, it will be unable to power the device.

Steam-Powered Devices

Pipe can be used to transfer steam to the following functional devices:

The following devices don't have any real function yet, but they will show an animation and/or make a sound when hooked up to steam: